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The Stream Of The Spirit -GIFT- by Wotansvogel

A Dragon's Heart burns fiercely, under the Cosmic Moonlight. So overwhelming with passion… this remarkable artwork speaks a thousand words. Immediately we see the emotion. There is a raw power surging up and through this aged white ash tree. It is a tree of wisdom… and experience. A limb of earth energy. And the mighty dragon of nature grips the curvature of his foundation; feeling the texture of every groove. He is bound to the earth… a part of it. The water flows as energy through the dragon, feeding the stream. The Cervid horns signify a practicality beyond superficiality, a return to nature, and the ancient laws of life. He yearns for the cosmos; its beauty and vastness are an incomprehensible fathom. Yet he knows the depths, and he feels it. His heart surges even as the starlight reflects upon the waters.

I love everything about this artwork; especially the horns, the tree, and the dark star spotted sky. The vaulted body position is commanding and suggests the love of freedom, but also a respect for the indisputable order of things. The water coming from the wings is a very nice touch as well; a strong representation of life and energy. The Deer horn style is my absolute favorite. I simply love it, no explanation needed. I have supposed the tree, due to the heavy grooves and the distinct diamond shape to them, as an aged White Ash. A younger tree would have had a smoother surface. This Reptilian Dragon has a fine row of Dorsal Spines running down his back which remind me of the many wild lizards I had so often been fascinated by as a young boy. The curved end of the tail just makes me happy. And I love that this is a black and white artwork.

The piece is drawn very well technically. I think under the strictest criticism we could ask for slightly more detailed proportions, however it is almost difficult to say where. Possibly we could have seen more prominence with the wings, but that is debatable. I like the texture of the tree and the fact that it has no leaves. The stripes running the length of the dragon are realistic, and help to show the surface of the skin and body. We have stunning dark talons which match the horns nicely.

The companion video [link] to this artwork is simply amazing. It was wonderful to see this process of 4.5 hours passing by in just 8 minutes and 39 seconds. The music sets a good mood also, giving a very epic and medieval flavor. It was interesting to learn that you are right handed also, and to see with what comfort and familiarity you hold each tool in hand. The ease with which you created and blended was fluid and fascinating to watch.

Overall, The Stream Of The Spirit is a very beautifully crafted piece. It is an intriguing combination of earth, water, dragon, and starscape. The sensation of night and magic simply pour forth from it. I find it to be an attractive and riveting addition to your art gallery, and a great contribution to the imagination of art and dragon lovers everywhere. But most of all, this artwork and the companion video are a most amazing gift to me. I was surprised and I a delighted that you have created this for me. There is only one thing better which I have ever received from you, and that is the gift of friendship. And I will forever hold true to our bond. With much love and respect I say thank you, and well done.

The Artist thought this was FAIR
7 out of 9 deviants thought this was fair.


I commend you on being able to interpret, analyse and express in such excellent manner.
What you wrote was in-depth, passionate and not at all filled with mere chicory.
I'm very interested in the opinion of the person that thought this was an unfair critique.
While there were possibilities of subjective input, they were negated by also introducing a few downsides.
Therefore I would vouch for this critique to be considered fair.
Gewalgon Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm really sorry, I was the person... I wanted choose "Fair", it was a BIG mistake.... >.>
It's okay, I still wuv ru ^_^
It's not a problem, mistakes happen and the intent is what counts, not the action <3
Thank you, I agree. There is an old saying: De gustibus non est disputandum (In matters of taste, there can be no disputes)
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